Pintrest is described as a tool for collecting and organising everything you love in one space. Pinterest has become one of the world’s biggest and fastest growing social media sites (Pinterest, 2013). People use Pinterest to share videos, for project planning, to create a portfolio and to share images and sites. It has grown dramatically over the past number of years as it was launched in 2010 and after only 2.5 years has an estimated value of 2.5billion (Merino, 2013).


I found my initial encounter with Pinterest to be not the greatest experience as I had no idea how to use the site. I had heard so much about how it is an efficient tool to find information on things you are interested in, but I had no idea how to even search the sites content. Although I found it initially difficult, within 10 minutes of taking the online tutorial, I found it to be a site that I have ever since used. I use it to browse my interests such as fashion, yoga and music. The aspect of Pinterest that find to be most useful is that bloggers and arts organisations use Pinterest to post up and coming gigs, news and music videos. As my main interest for the arts is in the music industry, I have created a board where I share music videos I like, I share my audio files that I have uploaded to my Soundcloud Profile. I also use it as a platform where I archive up and coming Irish Musicians such Kodaline whom I found on Pinterest. .

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Shoushtari (2013) looks at how brands are using Pinterest to build relationships with customers as they believe that “by pinning relevant material that caters to your audience’s five senses, your customers can get a better idea of what you stand for”. Silicon Republic (2013), highlight how pinterest has developed a new analytics tool called Pinterest Web Analytics that gives users and businesses access to data on what people are pinning the most. As Pinterest allows you to follow users and see what pins are the most popular, As Pinterest allows you to follow users, I have found it a useful tool to keep up to date with businesses and arts organisations that I am interested in. By thoughts on the future of Pinterest is that as more people sign up to the service and upload and share content, it may overtake Instagram as not only can pictures be shared but as discussed above, websites, videos and articles can also be shared with the public.

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