Behance was founded in 2006 and is an online portfolio tool used mostly by creatives in order to both distribute their work and also search for jobs (Dillet, 2012). Behance’s (2013) mission is to build a platform to remove the barriers between talent and opportunity. It is an online media platform that can generate recognition, collaboration and connections across industries, especially the arts sector (Big Spaceship, 2012).
Employers use Behance in the arts sector to advertise jobs and they also use it when recruiting as they search keywords and hashtags to find appropriate applicants” target=”_blank”>(Behance, 2013). Users can set alerts for jobs such as ‘Architecture, Dublin’ and will be notified when a position is advertised. An example of a company that uses Behance is apple as they search for graphic designers through the social media platform (Shontell & Goodman , 2012).

The main aspect of the site however is the ability to display ones work to be viewed by potential employers. Each profile comes with its own URL address, which can be linked when applying for jobs so that an employer can view an applicant’s online portfolio (Creative Cloud Team Blog, 2013). Here work is displayed along side an ‘About’ section where users can describe themselves and the work they do. From here a viewer can decide to go to the portfolios ‘Work Experience’ section and view the applicants Curriculum Vitae. The user also has the option to link the portfolio to other online accounts such as LinkedIn, Flickr, Twitter, etc. giving a broader impression of themselves, the work they do, and where their interests lie (Behance, 2013).

Users also have the option to view other people work, largely design based such as architecture, graphic design and fashion, but also such fields as music, film and journalism (Behance, 2013). One can also view portfolios set up by existing companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Gensler, and Electronic Arts, simply done by searching using keywords.

In 2013, Behance joined with Adobe to develop their opportunities in the creative industry and to develop their 99U mission to develop creative opportunities on online networking (Glei, 2013). Behance has a advanced website and also has an online application and a book series.

I as a business and arts management student do not have a creative online portfolio but due to the fact that I have an interest in the arts sector often use this media platform to stay engaged in the job opportunities in the arts sector and the creative talent worldwide. From looking at the amount of different portfolio’s valiable to view online and having an understanding as to how the site works, when I am working in the arts sector in the future I will use it to contract work such as if an event company I am working for is looking for a graphic designer. An example of a graphic designer that I found whom I believe uses Behance to its full potential is Glenn Bolton-

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