Exploration of Slideshare and Prezi

Slideshare is a web 2.0 based slide hosting service and is the world’s largest community for sharing presentations (Slideshare, 2013). SlideShare receives 60 million monthly visitors and 130 million page views and it is amongst the most visited 200 websites in the world. Besides presentations, SlideShare also supports documents, PDFs, videos and webinars.

When I first heard about Slideshare I was not sure if I would find it useful as I felt I did not have a need to have my presentations online. Although after my first time using the site as a platform to store my presentations I realised its value. I found it to be a very helpful for storing my work online that could be accessed at any time. I use Slideshare to store my work, present my work in class and also to present my work online as you can embed presentations on different media platforms such as WordPress.

You can view my Slideshare projects by clicking on this link: Broadband Project


As Slideshare is a reasonable priced professional sharing platform, Social Media Today (2013) highlight how it can be used to by companies to present products, organise services and business strategy in a clever slide format Soclial Media Today (2013).

Although I find Slideshare to be a useful tool to organise and share my work, I find Prezzi to better suited to my interests as it allows me to create innovative presentations.

On January 30th 2013, Prezi reached a total of having 18million users (Butcher, 2013). Prezi is described by Davis (2012) as an almost futuristic tool that eliminates the need for multiple slides in a presentation.Therefor I believe its user friendly interface and its growing popularity shows it is a valuable tool know how to use as many businesses use prezi in the workplace in order to gain competitive advantage through sales and marketing (Davis, 2012).

My presentations can be viewed on the following site: My Prezzi exploration

Prezi and Slideshare are similar in different ways , although they both have their unique selling points. I found through analysing Davis (2012)’s blog and through interacting with these online sharing platforms that although prezi allows users to use a map to navigate through the presentation instead of a slide stack that you encounter in traditional presentation tools that are found on slideshare. However, Slideshare has one big advantage over Prezi as a SlideShare presentation is searchable and can be indexed by search engines which prezi does not (Davis, 2012). This allows your presentations to be found by others without using direct links.
Over all, I will use both of these sites although I have a preference towards prezi.


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