Twitter is a social media tool that has become increasingly popular amongst individuals, organisations and politicians. Twitter is a real-time information network that connects you to the latest stories, ideas, opinions and news about what you find interesting (Twitter, 2013). It has 340,000,000 tweets per day and also has 200,000,000 active users (Twitter, 2013).

I use twitter to interact both socially and professionally and my twitter account can be accessed here: Aisling Ryan on Twitter

A pro for twitter is that within five minutes of looking through my home feed I feel I am up to date with the news, the news in the arts, celebrity gossip and festival and music updates. The fact that I have an Iphone allows me to access twitter anytime, anywhere (NMC,2013). I find Twitter to be a very useful platform to communicate as I use it to post idea’s and to search for local events. The time that Twitter was most benificual to me was when I wanted to get a ticket to go and see the Foals even though it was sold out. I sent a tweet stating that I was looking for tickets and I hashtagged Ticketfairy and within five minutes I was on my way to the concert. I can see how Twitter can continue to grow as I feel there is further opportunity for it to grow as a promotional tool for businesses, especially in the arts sector.
An example of an arts organisation that uses twitter to promote their programme is Project Arts Centre. Project Arts Centre (2013) connects with 7,804 people and has tweeted around 9,000 tweets about their venue. Many other venues use twitter as a free marketing tool such as Mermaid Arts Centre, MCD, Culture Ireland and so on.

Through using Twitter, I would recommend businesses post things that people will enjoy. An interesting blogger who I follow on twitter to keep up to date with the world (in a comical sence) is @darraghdoyle as he tweets about interesting trending topics and social media news.“People will not follow you if you are boring on the internet” (Darragh Doyle)
Social Media Today (2013) also looks at how twitter is used to promote businesses and like Darragh Doyle recognises that continuous online presence is key to online business success.
Another interesting article about how businesses can increase their clientele through increasing their twitter followers is Simply Zesty (2012) as it also suggests tweeting short, catchy and positive tweets that will attract the reader.

Along with new technologies such as Web 2.0 and HTML 5, Twitter has grown from being an online website to a mobile application on smartphones and tablet computing (Twitter, 2013). Silicon Republic (2013) identifies how twitter has launched a new windows 8 application that is more user friendly, as it has a more visual interface and tweets can now include line breaks making them easier to read. The new app is available in 22 languages and therefore can be used globally. “The app has the usual Home, Connect, Discover and Me tabs, but it has also taken on features of the new Microsoft OS, such as the Share and Search charms” (Silicon Republic, 2013). This new twitter app was developed to work with the new windows 8 soft wear in order to develop with users needs and new technologies. This app can be used on Android phones, tablets and computers. Silicon Republic (2013) review this new allocation and discuss how its interface allows users to search, share and communicate more efficiently as these actions can now be done simultaneously.

An advantage to this new technology is that with twitters new interface, the arts industries opportunities to market to the public are growing as it can be accessed through many different mediums. Arts centres can use this opportunity to share more information that will be accessed more conveniently to the public. It can be seen that even before twitter launched their windows 8 app it has a huge presence in people’s personal and professional lives.
Although during a conference that took place at an International Women’s Day event in the RDS that Silicon Republic (2013) reviewed, a con I found was that due twitters popularity amongst the public and businesses is that people need be careful what they post as their personal tweets may be viewed by their employers.


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